Your Complete New Home Checklist – Let’s Make Moving Simpler

new home checklist

Anyone who has moved homes knows why it’s rated as one of the most stressful life experiences people go through.

Use our guideline to make it simpler and more organised, so you’ll stress less and enjoy your home from the get-go. The Enzo app’s features also help you stay on top of it all.

Is the excitement of your new home being overshadowed by the work and organisation required to get you and your family or roommates settled in the new space? Our advice is based on real life experiences and can help you be better prepared and much less stressed during this new chapter of your life. 


The New Home Checklist: Pre-Move Essentials 

Whether you’re buying or renting, moving into a new home is stressful. Having a new home checklist as a guide can help you prioritize essential tasks, so the process will be a breeze to handle. 

Tip: our Enzo app has management features perfect to diarize payment dates or chores and provide appointment reminders. It’s also a practical tool for roommates to stay on top of everything related to the move—even bills.

Here’s your complete list of pre-move essentials to get you started.


Transfer Utilities and Service Providers 

One of the first things you’d want to tick off from the new home checklist is to transfer utilities such as your water, electricity and gas. If you’re changing from one utility company to another, make sure you cancel your current services. This includes your account with service providers for your internet connection and security system. 


Prepare to Pack

Moving from one home to the next is the perfect opportunity to declutter. There may be things you never unpacked after your last move. If there is anything you didn’t need during the last three months, chances are you don’t really need it. Why not donate it to your local hospice? 

Feeling sentimental about your ‘stuff’? There are many ways you can convince yourself to declutter:

  • Keep the layout and room dimensions of your new home in mind. There may be several furniture pieces that won’t fit, so rather don’t transport them there, as they’ll simply clutter up the house and make it more difficult to settle in. 
  • Sell unused items to help you cover the costs of moving.


Always keep your valuable documents nearby. It may take a while to unpack and you don’t want to search for vital information in an emergency. So, rather keep these documents in a dedicated container that will travel with you and be accessible at all times.

For other items—from clothing to room décor—boxes are sufficient and can be sent with a transport company or be placed on a trailer. Pack and label according to which room each box would go to. 

Handy tip: Label one as your ‘Open First Box’ and place daily necessities inside, whether it’s documents, towels, your favorite coffee or bedding for the first night. 


Update Your Physical Address

Your physical address is connected to many more aspects of your life than you may realize. Inform all vendors, ranging from magazine subscriptions to food delivery services, as well as the post office about upcoming changes. 

Tip: the post office may be able to forward your mail to a different address for a while.  


Schedule Home Maintenance Before You Move In

If you’ll be renting, maintenance should be taken care of by the landlord. However, when buying, schedule necessary home maintenance jobs to take place before you move in. You don’t want contractors in the home while you’re moving in, let alone the smell of fresh paint in the air. 

Tip: Consider what changes will optimize your use of the new house. For example, get some shelves hung by professionals so you don’t deal with dust and ronavations later on. 


Schedule a Deep Clean

Whether your house was cleaned prior to moving in or not, do another clean. Another person’s version of what clean means may differ from yours.

Also, you wouldn’t want to move into someone else’s mess, so it’s best to get a reliable company to do a deep clean before you move in.

Tip: Once you’re settled, implement guidelines to keep you house clean. Have clear rules of who is responsible for which chores, whether it’s your children or your roommates. Enzo’s chore tracker features already help many households manage this. 


Check All Appliances and Fixtures

If you’re lucky enough to be a homeowner, check appliances and fixtures before you move in, so you can get it fixed while other maintenance is being done. If you’re a tenant check all rooms in detail so you can notify the landlord of any defects. Also take pictures the day you move in, so the landlord can’t blame you for damage or problems that previous tenants caused. 


Take Leave to Recuperate 

Moving is listed as one of the top 3 most stressful experiences you can go through in life. Yes, it’s a simple and exciting event but it’s tiring and can impact your physical and mental health more than you realize. If possible, take some time off from work, not only to unpack but also to settle into your new environment and rest before getting back to your regular routine. 


The Post-Move Essentials

So, you’re finally in your new home but there’s still a lot to be done. Unfortunately, completing your moving journey takes a while. This is the final stretch though, so don’t lose momentum! Here’s the post-move essentials you should prepare for. 


Take Your Time to Unpack

Unpacking takes time, and settling into a new home takes even longer. You’ll want to rearrange furniture until you’re happy with how each room looks. Don’t rush the process, because you need to create a comfortable, welcoming home you’ll love returning to each day. 


Change Your Locks 

Changing locks is another responsibility of the landlord. However, if you’re a homeowner it’s a simple but vital task you need to handle. Who knows what the previous owners or tenants did with their keys? If they made copies for multiple family members, it puts your security at risk! Rather have the locks changed for peace of mind.

Tip: when the moving-in tasks get overwhelming, schedule them on the Enzo app so the whole household has an easy overview of what you need done and you know you won’t forget anything. 


Get to Know Your New Home 

The next step on your new home checklist is to become acquainted with your home. Emergencies can happen to anyone, and then you need to know how to take action swiftly. Therefore, locate and inform all household members of where they can find the following:

  • Main water supply’s shut off valve
  • Your distribution board to switch off electricity
  • Smoke detectors


Tip: it’s also a good idea to hide a set of keys somewhere, for incase you lock yourself out. Or leave a set with friends or family nearby. 


Create a Home Maintenance Checklist 

Whether you’re a homeowner or tenant, perform seasonal maintenance checks to avoid unexpected emergencies. Some duties you never considered before may be relevant to you now, such as landscaping if you have a garden for the first time or unclogging bathroom drains and cleaning gutters if there’s no landlord to ask. 

Tip: gather contact information from local services and create a list of plumbers, electricians and waterproofing services for when you may need their help in an emergency. 


Set Up Your Home Security System 

If you already have a security system, have this relocated to your new premises as soon as possible. 

If this is your first time getting a security system installed, take some time to shop around for the best product that suits your unique needs. There are several Smart or DIY systems that are practical solutions for renters or homeowners. They offer more flexibility and are easy to relocate, should you move again. 


General Tips for Any New Home Checklist 

Apart from settling in by using our new home checklist, see if the tips below will streamline your experience and make it less stressful?

  • If you’re purchasing new furniture, keep the future in mind, such as whether you’re planning on having children or pets.
  • When planning on moving again soon, hang on to your existing furniture for a while. (And the moving boxes). 
  • If you’ve relocated to a different town or country, hold off on major gardening or landscaping projects until you’ve researched the climate and growing zone of the new property.
  • Need a break from unpacking? Take a stroll or drive around the neighborhood. Look for dog parks or coffee shops that can become your new favorite hangouts.
  • Use area-related social media groups to ask questions and meet new friends. 


Moving CAN be Easier

Hopefully, this new home checklist will make the process of moving more organised and your new journey more exciting. Don’t feel discouraged if your new house doesn’t feel like home immediately. It takes time to get used to a new space, especially in a new town. Add personal touches that will help you feel more comfortable sooner rather than later. 

Never underestimate the power of technology to help you out! Download the Enzo app to help you organize your moving and cleaning tasks and simplify your upcoming move!