The Must-have Cleaning Supplies List – Home and Office Edition

Cleaning Supplies List

So many products on today’s market, each being touted as the best cleaning solution. But to spend your money wisely you need to look past the marketing jargon and buy what your environment really needs to manage hygiene. Our cleaning supplies list summaries will help you plan for both home and office environments.

Did you know the value of the global household cleaning product industry market was over US$235 billion in 2021? You can imagine that manufacturers are clamoring to get their share of the market and they’ll create the most promising advertising messages to get you to buy their products.

Do you really need that fancy soap? What if you’re only wasting money on a cleaning gimmick that won’t make home maintenance tasks any easier? With many households battling to make ends meet, every dollar you can save makes a difference. We want to help by giving you a cleaning supplies list containing only items you really need.

Based on expert advice, you’ll find a cleaning supplies list for most scenarios in your home and at work. Kit out your cupboards with the right items that simplify cleaning and chores.


How Important is Having the Correct Cleaning Supplies?

When you use the wrong cleaning product, a task can take considerably longer than it has to. Whether at home or when managing your office’s maintenance, the more time you can save on cleaning, the sooner you can sit and relax or get other work done. We’re here to help you shop like a cleaning pro, so your cleaning supplies list helps you get the job done in record time.

Also, quality products help maintain a hygienic environment, since they can prevent the spread of germs and mold growth. Therefore, by investing in the right products you can ensure the health of your family or workers on site.


Is it Really Necessary to Buy Task-specific Cleaning Supplies?

We want to help you save money and when it comes to cleaning supplies there are many products that look good but you don’t really need. However, don’t simply use one product for every cleaning task.

That’s a recipe for disaster!

With the wrong product you can ruin your antique wooden table or create a layer of residue that will make dishes, mirrors and even the walls feel grimy. So, you DO need multiple types of cleaning products. However, our cleaning supplies list will clarify what the basics are you really need.

Now, what exactly do you need?


Must Have Cleaning Supplies and Equipment for Homes

Below you’ll find an easy reference checklist to help you plan when shopping for cleaning products. Some items will be used for cleaning all over the house. We also summarized certain products on the cleaning supplies list that are relevant to certain rooms only, such as those needed for bathroom cleaning.

Our list will even help you plan your house cleaning chores going forward, since you’ll know exactly what’s necessary to clean a particular room. Use this when assigning chores to roommates or other family members. By showing them what to use you can clarify your expectations so you can easily maintain a certain standard of cleanliness.


Must Have Cleaning Products

Room / Category Cleaning Product Cleaning Equipment
General cleaning products All-purpose cleaner Glass cleaning liquid Wood cleaner Antibacterial soap (spray works well) Tile cleaner Baking soda White vinegar Abrasive cleaner Household ammonia Bleach Furniture polish Metal polish Spot cleaner for carpets Vacuum cleaner Bucket Dustpan Broom Mop Gloves (rubber) Squeegee Lint roller Duster (extendable is best) Spray bottles Microfiber cloths or soft towels Trash bags
Kitchen Dish soap Oven cleaner Kitchen surface cleaner (buy according to your counter type, e.g. marble or stainless steel) Sponge Steel wool Hand towels Plunger (can be used for bathrooms too)
Bathroom Toilet bowl cleaner Grout cleaner Bathroom cleaner (all purpose cleaner may also suffice) Toilet brush Sponge Grout brush Toothbrush (only used for cleaning surfaces)
Laundry room Laundry detergent Stain remover Bleach  
Homes with pets Urine neutralizer Pet hair brush

Optional Extras

Every home is unique, and you may have personal preferences about how you go about your chores. The following items aren’t vital, but many people find them very valuable:

  • Cleaning caddy: If you have an easy-to-carry container with everything you need, you may finish tasks faster. It will be easier to move from room to room with all you need and all products will be visible and easy to reach, so no time is lost looking for a brush or bottle.
  • PPE: You can wear simple protective clothing such as an apron. However, if you’re busy deep cleaning the house or working with more dangerous cleaning chemicals you can even consider wearing protective glasses. We believe gloves should be on everyone’s list, as you’ll see in the table above.
  • Air freshener: You can use natural products such as flowers or lemons to ensure your home smells nice. Some people prefer a stronger product such as air freshener.
  • Hand-held vacuum: A hand vacuum cleaner makes it easy to pick up dust, especially in harder to reach spots.

If your budget allows, these are sometimes worth the expense. Some of them can speed up the process and if you’re working with chemicals like bleach, it’s wise to protect your face or your clothes.


Must Have Cleaning Supplies and Equipment for Commercial Properties

When planning for your business’ cleaning needs, some of the products are very similar to home maintenance products. However, usually the property is bigger and there are unique features to cater for. For example, some office buildings have large windows for which a tiny squeegee simply won’t work.

Below is a helpful cleaning supplies list for commercial properties, but always buy according to your property requirements. You can also adjust it based on your cleaning needs and whether you handle cleaning in-house or outsource certain tasks.


Must Have Cleaning Supplies List for Businesses

Category Cleaning Product Cleaning Equipment
Basic cleaning products All-purpose cleaner Glass cleaning liquid Wood cleaner Antibacterial soap (spray works well) Tile cleaner Abrasive cleaner Bleach Furniture polish Metal polish Spot cleaner for carpets Dish soap Oven cleaner (if there’s an office kitchen) Kitchen surface cleaner Toilet bowl cleaner Grout cleaner Bathroom cleaner Chemical sanitizers Bucket Dustpan Mop Gloves (rubber) Squeegee Lint roller Duster Spray bottles Microfiber cloths or soft towels Trash bags Steel wool Sponges Hand towels Plunger Toilet brush Grout brush Broom
Industrial grade products and commercial-specific items Insecticide (or pest control services) WD-40 lubricant, to remove rust and other residue Industrial vacuum cleaner Carpet steam cleaner (if office has carpets) Hand soap dispensers Hand towel dispensers Air freshener Window washing system (inside and outside) Cleaning carts with caddies


How to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

That’s a long list of cleaning supplies. Don’t feel overwhelmed though because you don’t have to break your budget to get it all. The following tips help many households save money on cleaning products:

  • Quality, reputable products often last longer than budget buys
  • Buy in bulk—just do the math first to confirm the bulk price works out cheaper
  • Concentrates often work out cheaper than ready to use products
  • Buy quality spray bottles and containers so you can buy refill packages rather than new bottles
  • Reuse items where possible, like turning old toothbrushes into cleaning utensils
  • Use general household items where possible, such as baking soda to give furniture a fresh smell, rather than paying for expensive deep cleaning


Final Thoughts

As with most things in life, how efficiently you can perform the task depends on the tools you use. And one product definitely doesn’t work for everything! It’s no different when cleaning the house!

Also remember, you can’t expect everyone in the those to follow your house cleaning schedule and guidelines if you don’t empower them with the right equipment. So, use our tips to stock your cupboards with the right items from now on.

If you have advice to help others create helpful cleaning chores lists or a cleaning supplies list for the home or office, please share with us. Along with chore tracker apps like Enzo, this information can make households function better when it comes to home maintenance. You may not love doing them, but managing them better makes them less frustrating.

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