The Best Checklist For Planning A Trip

checklist for planning a trip

Planning a trip checklist - why is it needed

Whether you’re planning your next summer vacation with your family, your next great solo adventure or simply the Christmas road trip to your folk’s house, the best way to make this process stress free is to use the ultimate “Checklist for Planning a Trip”.

When going away for a much anticipated vacation, your aspiration is maybe relaxation or adventure or even a little bit of both. But in order to be able to enjoy your days away, it’s important that you’re not stressed about the little things. And the way to avoid that stress is preparation. 

If you take the time to be prepared and thoroughly organize every aspect of your trip, you’re likely to make many of the stressful moments and potential conflicts mute before they even come up. 

So without further ado, here’s our comprehensive checklist for Planning a Trip!

  • Make a list of your top 5 destinations
  • List pros and cons for each potential destination
  • Research potential package from travel agencies
  • Vet and book accommodation
  • Set your budget
  • Book plane/train tickets
  • Book accommodation
  • Reserve a rental car 
  • Make restaurant reservations
  • Make a list of events/concerts/museums and book tickets
  • Share a map of the location and accommodation with all participants
  • Book a house or pet sitter
  • If going abroad, check out roaming charges
  • Pause subscriptions
  • Put a hold on mail
  • Put in your vacation request at work
  • Take care of bills due during vacation time
  • Make a list of attractions or events to see
  • Check and reschedule doctors appointments if need be
  • Obtain appropriate supplies for your vacation
  • Organize outfits and luggage
  • Put your vacation in your own calendar
  • Make a list of friends you will be getting souvenirs for
  • Have Fun!

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