Roommate Compatibility Quiz – Ask These Vital Questions Before Moving in Together

Roommate Compatibility Quiz

The compatibility between two people determines how easy it is to share the same space.

That’s vital when you pick roommates or want to improve the current atmosphere at home. Use this roommate compatibility quiz to vet potential roommates or start a conversation about improving living arrangements and making compromises that benefit everyone.

Does it really matter who you live with? That’s a big yes! If you and your family members or housemates don’t get along or don’t have much in common, it can lead to a lot of conflict. And who wants to regularly come home to a tense atmosphere after yet another fight? Luckily our roommate compatibility quiz can help prevent that!

The questionnaire below is ideal for vetting future flat mates. You can also use it to improve your current living arrangements.


Why is Compatibility Important?

Who you spend your life with is no small matter!

Yes, many factors determine how you feel at the end of the day. This includes your work, your diet, your sense of purpose and much more. But the people you live with is often overlooked as one of the major role players in someone’s outlook on life and even mental health.

Your family members or flat mates can impact all the following aspects of your life, which all affect your mental health:

  • The aesthetics of the home you return to each day. For some people, cluttered environments add to their anxiety, so you need housemates who enjoy being neat.
  • Sensory impulses affect people in different ways. For example, harsh light or too loud audio can be disconcerting for some people. This is a problem if one roommate enjoys loud music and refuses to use headphones.
  • When you’re not sure if you can trust another party to keep their word or follow through with a task, it can spark tension. In contrast, a group of trustworthy friends around you will result in a more peaceful lifestyle.
  • If certain objects or scenarios act as triggers for bad memories from the past, it’s not good news for your general wellbeing. If that happens on a daily basis because of a roommate’s habits or way of life, home won’t feel very welcoming. You need roommates who understand your perspective and will make compromises to help you manage stressors.
  • Feeling like an outsider can lead to feeling isolated and even depressed. Finding individuals who are likeminded and even from the same faith or culture as you goes a long way in creating a safe environment at home.


These are only some of the ways the people you choose to spend your home space with can affect your mood. This can determine your quality of life and mental health in the long run. Many of these risks are more easily managed when you find individuals you’re more compatible with.


How to Use Our Roommate Compatibility Quiz

We researched and created a roommate compatibility quiz that covers many important topics. This you can use in various household scenarios, even with your family.


Understand Yourself Better

Often, you don’t realize what your pet peeves are until something or someone sparks an irritation. This is problematic for living arrangements because you can’t expect others to change just because something they do is off putting.

You can prevent a lot of interpersonal conflict by understanding yourself better. You’ll know what you expect from others. Then, have discussions about important topics -such as stress triggers – before moving in together.

You can also discover habits or quirks about yourself that may bother others. You can then decide to work on improving them, compromise for the benefit of the household, or warn others about your unique traits so they’re not caught off guard.

So, answer the questions below honestly and get a peek inside your own mind.


Picking the Right House Mates

To create a comfortable living environment, it’s best to live with individuals who are similar to you in:


  • Culture
  • Values
  • Habits
  • Interests


Of course, you’ll never find someone exactly like you and not all these aspects may be a priority for you. Still, these aspects have a significant impact on how easy it is to live with someone. So, decide which features matter enough to be deal breakers when interviewing potential flat mates.

When you’re advertising a room in your flat, use the quiz and other essential questions to get honest feedback from each applicant. Compare the answers with your own viewpoints on the different topics. In most cases the flat mates that are most similar to you will be the easiest and most enjoyable to share a home with.

Remember, it may be fun to spend time with people that are completely different to you. But, for your home to be inviting, comfortable and stress free, similarities and compatibility between room mates is key.


Improving the Current Atmosphere at Home

Is the atmosphere at home often tense and do you and your flat mates find it difficult to communicate or agree on things? Instead of taking offence at each other’s words or actions, why not get to know each other? It can help to understand the motivation behind certain decisions other parties make.

Take the questions below, answer them honestly and either discuss them or read each other’s answers. Having a deeper understanding of another person’s values, expectations and viewpoints can go a long way in mitigating future conflict—if you’re willing to make compromises.


Roommate Compatibility Quiz

Use the different sections below to understand yourself and others better. Some questions are open ended and can easily become a conversation starter. Others have set answers to pick from.

You can also add to the list to find out information you feel is important for your unique setup.


The Basics

Ask these questions to get an overall feel of the person’s lifestyle and to discuss practical arrangements.


  • Do you drive? Do you own a car?
  • Do you work or study? Will you need to work at home at times?
  • How much storage space do you need apart from the room and its cupboards?
  • Is internet access a necessity for you?
  • Do you like watching TV?
  • Will you mind sharing a room with someone?
  • Do you have any allergies?


Habits & Personalities

It’s easiest to share space with someone of similar habits and traits. For example, an introvert may feel very overwhelmed if his or her extroverted room mate’s friends are in the apartment on a daily basis. Use this roommate compatibility quiz section to understand someone else’s preferred lifestyle. Then determine how easy or difficult it will be to integrate it with yours.

  • Do you like to listen to loud music?
  • How would you describe your social life:
    • I enjoy being on my own
    • Sometimes I go out with friends
    • I go out every day
    • I invite people over on a daily basis
  • How messy a person are you?
    • I am a neat freak
    • I sometimes leave books or shoes lying around
    • My space is often cluttered
  • What is your point of view on drinking alcohol?
    • I do/don’t drink
    • I do/don’t mind if others drink in my presence
    • Average number of glasses of wine/beer per week:
    • I do/don’t like partying and getting drunk
  • Do you smoke? Yes/No
    • If no, do you mind if others smoke in your presence?
  • How long do you shower?
  • Do you pursue greener living in any of the following ways:
    • Saving water
    • Saving electricity
    • Recycling


Regarding House Rules and Arrangements

Determine how involved the person wants to be in the other house members’ lives.

  • Do you enjoy spending time with others?
  • What is the ideal way to use the kitchen and table area?
    • I want to make food for myself only
    • It would be great if everyone can cook together
    • I hate/love cooking
  • When do you clean up the kitchen after preparing a meal?
    • I clean up immediately
    • The dishes can wait until later
    • I will clean up when there are no more clean dishes to use
  • Are you willing to clean a communal bathroom?


How Did You Score?

Did you learn something about yourself? Did the roommate compatibility quiz help you see yourself and others in a new light?

Finding compatible roommates, understanding ourselves better and making some compromises can go a long way in improving a household. So, do you need to start by analyzing yourself, or someone else?

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