Planner App for iPhone and 4 Ways Your iPhone can Improve Life at Home

planner app for iphone

For families and roommates, digital devices like the iPhone carry multiple benefits. It’s worth learning more about their capabilities and specific products like using a planner app for iPhone to manage your household. Let’s help you discover more reasons to love your Apple device.

Whether we love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. Innovations like mobile phones are both connecting people across the globe AND resulting in a society that stares at screens, rather than looking at each other. So, yes, there are some drawbacks. But if we utilize tech correctly it’s possible to greatly enrich our lives. And it’s definitely the case with the iPhone.

Are you fully benefiting from all these features yet?


Quality Cameras: Keeping a Record of Favorite Memories

Experiencing a happy event is great, but sharing it with others can make it even more special. And thanks to quality cameras—even 12MP on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, with features like 4x zoom lenses—you can send high quality images to any loved one around the world. Let them partake in your special moments, so distance doesn’t prevent someone from sharing in your joys.

Of course, you may have an impressive digital camera at home. But it’s somewhere in a cupboard, right? However, truly special moments are often unplanned. You’ll want to just reach out, grab a recording device and snap the pic before the moment passes. This is especially true with kids, since they won’t keep that adorable pose until you’ve fetched the camera from the room.

Luckily, chances are, your iPhone will be in your back pocket, easy to reach. That’s all thanks to its sleek design that doesn’t cause discomfort when you slide it into a pocket and it won’t take up much space in your handbag either. Wherever you go, your phone can go. So, you’ll have quality images from any and all events!

Furthermore, remembering a moment is a valuable skill we have. But memories may get foggy, or you need a visual trigger to relive the emotions of a particular day. That’s the power of technology and the reason iPhone users often scroll through their picture galleries.


iCloud Storage: Never Lose Important Information

Now, all those images you capture on your device are priceless. They deserve being kept in a vault and unfortunately with digital data you run the risk of it becoming lost, deleted or corrupted. Even hacked!

These challenges prove the value of Apple’s iCloud storage.

You can set up an automated system that will save new images, documents and more to the cloud instantly. Cloud storage has many advantages to other data storage systems and you’ll find the following benefits with iCloud too:

  • Excellent data security, since Apple devices are known to have impressive safety measures in place.
  • Access it from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.
  • Files update across all Apple devices, so open a photo on your iPhone, iPad or other hardware, even though it’s not on all devices’ hard drives.
  • It’s easy to share cloud-saved items with others, thanks to a user-friendly system.
  • Cloud storage is an easy solution as part of a disaster recovery plan. If something should happen to your iPhone or home based server, you can simply download the data from iCloud once your new device is set up.
  • It’s a cost-efficient option compared to on site storage. No hardware investment and no maintenance on your part.
  • In most cases you’ll have lifetime access to cloud stored data.


Apple also makes it easy to manage data such as images, with the least amount of effort. For one thing, the automated system means you won’t lose a picture of an important day just because you didn’t have time to update or backup your phone.


Siri: Help Every Day AND in Emergencies

Having your own personal assistant is helpful, right? With Apple you have Siri at your beck and call. Why push a button to queue music in the house if you can just speak to Siri to make it happen? The same goes for searching for information online, helping to manage your smart devices and much more. In a way, you may see Siri as part of your household after a while.

But having Siri becomes even more life-changing and valuable if it’s an emergency. While you tend to an injured loved one or listen for intruders in the house, Siri can start dialing emergency services at your request. If you set it up, your phone can even send your medical information to emergency services.

Since most kids these days are comfortable using tech like digital virtual assistants, it also means you’re empowering your children to handle emergencies more effectively. Rather than panicking and forgetting whose number to dial, they’ll see it as the most natural thing to ask Siri to help. If they’re home alone and there’s an emergency or they need to assist an adult who has fallen ill, they can take quick action.

Siri—such a novel feature, so many uses and it even keeps your family safe!


Planner App for iPhone: Less Stress and Miscommunication in the Modern Household

A common complaint in many households these days is a lack of communication. Even if you want to share information with your family members, both adults and children have busy lifestyles. This means limited time together each day to calmly discuss even the most basic of household matters.

So, how will you know whose turn it is to take out the trash or make dinner? And will everyone remember about the birthday party you’re organizing where everyone must be in attendance?

Luckily, a helpful planner app for iPhone like Enzo is compatible with these Apple devices. The planner app for iPhone gives a user-friendly platform to manage household maintenance, chores, events and more:

  • View a calendar with important dates, so everyone knows when they need to help tidy the house.
  • List chores and allocate them to family members, ensuring everyone understands their responsibilities for keeping the house clean.
  • Family members confirm when they complete a task, so parents stay up to date on household maintenance and progress of the kids’ cleaning chores.
  • Send important numbers to each other, for emergencies or future reference.


Since most children now also have mobile devices, all family members can have access to the information.

Here, once again, the younger generation’s love for technology counts in adults’ favor. Using a planner app for iPhone to allocate chores can add a fun element to doing household tasks. Smaller kids may enjoy clicking to notify others that they’ve done their chores. Meanwhile, thanks to reminders that alert them of their chores, in a fun and easy manner, you’re teaching your children about their responsibilities as part of the household.

Yes, many parents are concerned about kids’ excessive screen time. But perhaps the solution is simply finding more practical ways of utilizing technology to the family’s benefit.


Family Sharing: Apple’s Feature to Benefit AND Safeguard All Family Members

Apple takes it one step further to help households manage their lives effortlessly, all thanks to the service called ‘Family Sharing’. From locating each other’s devices to easily sharing Apple services—including Apple Books, photo albums and Apple Music—it’s a helpful feature, designed with families in mind.

You can customize settings and pick exactly what you want to share, and it’s all very user-friendly.

An additional option is using Family Sharing’s parental controls. Via these settings, parents can:

  • Control children’s amount of screentime, which is helpful because you can’t monitor what your child is doing 24/7
  • Determine which Apple services they can access, so they only engage in ways you are comfortable with
  • Set the social media apps they’re able to open to prevent younger kids from experiencing some of the dangers of these platforms
  • Confirm whether they’re allowed to buy anything via the device, in order to prevent accidental purchases, or their abuse of your credit card


Both children AND parents love iPhones and one can see why!


Missing Out on Some of These Benefits?

Of course, you need an iPhone to start enjoying all these perks. Then, do yourself a favor, set aside some time and customize it to suit your exact preferences. From using Siri to the planner app for iPhone that’s going to transform your family’s communication, it’s pretty impressive.

For more on the iPhone planner app from Enzo, download it now or talk to our team. You’ll quickly see why it has a 4.5 Stars Rating and thousands of downloads.