How to Keep Your House Clean the EASY Way

keep your house clean

Is thinking of housework making you cringe? Or you’re fed up with others in the household not helping you maintain hygiene and order? Here you’ll discover how to keep your house clean in a much easier manner than you think is possible.

Cleaning and maintenance tasks are part of life. But it shouldn’t consume your days and keep you from enjoying life. Have you measured how much time you spend cleaning?

For most households in the US, people sacrifice around 6 hours a week on house chores. That’s almost an entire day out of each month! And if you’re the one always reminding others to do their tasks, you’re probably frustrated by the time, effort and conflict related to house maintenance.

Are there tips on how to keep your house clean that can speed up the process and lower frustration? We combined them all in this easy reference guide.


When is it Clean ENOUGH?

Firstly, it’s important to review your expectations. Your frustration on how to keep your house clean could be because you demand too much from yourself and others. If you have limited time because of long work hours, you simply can’t expect your home to feel ‘deep cleaned’ every day of the week.

Also, you and your family or housemates must agree on the acceptable level of cleanliness. This will help each person understand the goal when cleaning, so you don’t get irritated by someone doing it differently than you do.

Remember to make compromises to accommodate personal preferences and available time. For example, while you want everything spotless, others may have allergic reactions to cleaning products. Use more natural products that are user-friendly for everyone, even if it’s not your preferred product. Also, busy work schedules could mean you simply do basic chores during the week and leave time consuming ones for the weekend. You’ll simply have to live with a ‘mostly-clean’ house until then—unless you want to do all the work yourself at night while everyone sleeps.

But don’t fear! If you use these tips and implement a few guidelines on how to keep your house clean, you’ll see it’s much easier than you thought.


How to Keep Your House Clean – Helpful Tips and Habits

Stop Dust at the Door

Often frowning at muddy footprints or dust and debris on the floor? Stop most of that problem from ever taking place again by managing what happens at the front and back door:

  • If you have a boot room, set a house rule that no one should enter the rest of the house with their shoes still on.
  • At the very least, put down a doormat designed to trap dust and moisture.
  • On rainy days, get into the habit of leaving wet shoes outside if you don’t have a boot room. Consider installing a small cupboard by the door with a pair of socks or other shoes for each household member coming inside.


Implement a System

Cleaning takes a lot of work and different tasks. To guarantee efficiency it requires some organization. Instead of assuming others know what you expect of them, create a detailed chore chart and cleaning system. Benefits include:

  • No more misunderstandings about whose turn it is to walk the dog or scrub the floor
  • Rotating systems like a chore wheel means everybody gets a chance to do each task, so no one feels they’re treated unfairly
  • If you use tech like the Enzo app you can monitor what has been done, have automated reminders and view it all on a calendar which makes it easy to plan your week ahead


A Place for Each Item

Also use systems throughout the house that support your idea of a clean, tidy house. If there are designated areas for items like scissors or remotes, people are more likely to return them after using them. And if you use color coded systems or organize by type, you give others an easy method to help you keep linen and clothing cupboards neat.


Declutter and Discard ALL THE TIME

If there’s too much clutter, a house is very difficult to keep clean. Belongings spill onto counters instead of being in cupboards and that creates a lot of spaces for dust and debris to accumulate. But you’ll only have space in your drawers and cupboards if you throw out and declutter. This can seem like a mountainous task if you think about unpacking and decluttering all your cupboards this weekend.

The better alternative?

Be conscious of what in your home you no longer need. Whether it’s clothing, a kitchen appliance or wrapping paper, if you notice something that you haven’t used in a few months, throw it out. Decluttering becomes a habit and if you buy new items or deep clean a room, you’ll have enough space to easily tidy up your home.


Keep Your Counters Clear of Clutter

Apart from hampering cleanups, clutter also makes a house feel less clean. An easy goal to maintain is simply to keep your counters and other work surfaces clear. You won’t feel overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ piled up high. Also, a simple wipe down is all you need to clean that part of the room.

Of course, to keep counters clear of clutter requires allocated spaces and frequent decluttering. You can see how important it is to have systems and good habits in place.


Clean and Organize on the Go

You may view cleaning as a specific task you take on at an allocated time. A more efficient approach is to clean all the time.

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Simply get into the habit of tidying up as you move through the house during your other activities. For example:

  • Carry an empty glass to the kitchen when you get up to make a snack
  • Scan a room each time you exit and see if there’s something you can return to its place when you go the bedroom, kitchen or office
  • Clean up kitchen utensils and wash pots while you wait for dinner that’s still in the oven
  • Properly clean up messes after they happen, instead of wasting time later trying to remove a set stain


These small cleanups make it much easier to maintain a clean house throughout the week.


Delegate—Everyone Must Pitch in

Even with good habits, maintaining a house takes a lot of work. No one should feel embarrassed asking for help. Perhaps you feel your partner should pitch in more, so draw up a fair couples chore chart. You can also organize a professional company to handle deep cleaning once a month, while you take on the general tasks. And if you’re sharing space with flat mates, have a detailed discussion about cleaning schedules, so everyone does their share.


15 Min Before Bedtime

Another simple habit that makes a huge difference is taking a few minutes at the end of the day to clean and tidy up. A day may simply be too hectic to get to all house chores on your checklist. But do a few things before bedtime and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in how clean your space feels.

Take care of the most important items, like doing the dishes or setting the washing machine to do a load in the morning. That’s the power of technology! Use it to your benefit. You’ll go to bed in a good mood and your morning won’t be rushed trying to clean before you head out the door.


FAQ on How to Keep Your House Clean

Is the KonMari Method Effective?

The KonMari Method of decluttering and cleaning works, but you must be willing to commit and stay committed. It also requires lots of time and work at the outset.


In What Order do You Deep Clean a House?

Always start with tidying up and clearing away clutter. Then you can start cleaning. Tall items should be done first, so any dust that come from those surfaces will settle and be picked up when you vacuum. Schedule wet areas like the bathrooms and the kitchen first. They take the most work, so you need some energy for them. Then clean other spaces. Do your floors last.


Should I Dust, Mop or Vacuum First?

Always dust first, then vacuum and lastly mop if your floors require it.


Final Tip: Dare to Make Cleaning Fun

Consider changing your perspective about cleaning, and you may end up getting more done in a shorter time. Parents can turn cleaning into fun games, or you can put on some music to keep you motivated and in a good mood. When you’re feeling positive, you’ll be more productive.

Now that you know how to keep your house clean, let the music inspire you, while the Enzo app easily helps you keep an eye on everyone’s progress.