13 Housekeeping Tips from Hospitality Industry Experts

housekeeping tips

Want housekeeping tips from the pros? They know how to get the maximum number of tasks done in the least amount of time.

Imagine having more time for what you really like doing and spending less time on pesky chores. Our housekeeping tips guide shows how this can be anyone’s new reality.

House chores getting you down? Unfortunately, it’s something no one can escape. Even if you employ others for deep cleaning or share chores with your house mates, sooner or later you need to scrub a floor, clear up a mess or declutter your cupboard.

So how can housekeeping tips help you get that done in record time? Read on for tips that will save you loads of time, energy AND frustration.


Open Your Windows

Open a window? Seems simple enough but why? In the hospitality industry the pros understand how vital it is to have airflow in order to prevent having a stuffy interior. It can even prevent mold growth.

In addition, when the windows are open and curtains drawn away while you clean, you’ll have maximum amount of natural light. This will help you see while cleaning, so you can perform each task properly and prevent a buildup of dust and debris in corners or under beds. It’s one of the most important housekeeping tips.


Clutter Comes First

With windows open, before you clean up, housekeeping tips from experts tell you to handle clutter first. Imagine navigating around toys or books with your vacuum and duster. You don’t necessarily have to sort out all the loose items that clutter a room, because that takes time in itself. But combining it and placing it somewhere—in a container or cupboard—will help you clean the room much faster.


Plan for Efficiency

When you’re ready to clean, consider which tasks benefit from time. For example, will the soap you use to remove mildew from the showers work better if you leave it on for a while? Or perhaps you want to draw odors from the couch with baking soda. Apply these products first, so they have the maximum amount of time to work their magic.


Get the Order Right

Now you can start cleaning, but use a system, rather than going about it in a haphazard fashion. Without following these workflows, one cleaning task could mean you have to redo another, robbing you of valuable minutes:

  • Clean a room from top to bottom, such as dusting high lampshades and ceiling fans before dusting other items below.
  • Do the rooms upstairs before moving downstairs. Alternatively, you’ll find yourself walking through spring cleaned rooms with your dirty equipment and items when you navigate outside to the dustbin or to shake out a rug.
  • Always start with dusting, so all dust and debris you loosen can settle on the floor. Then you can vacuum and only then mop. Go from ‘dry’ to ‘wet’ in every room, or dust will stick to surfaces you just wiped with a wet cloth.


Cleaning of Your Valuables

From antique furniture to a new outfit or a rug, you may be hesitant when it requires its first clean from you. When asked about housekeeping tips, experts will tell you to take the guesswork out of the task. Many people forget that the directions for maintaining these costly items are easily available, especially now with instant access to everything being shared on the World Wide Web:

  • Check first if the product has cleaning directions on a label or box.
  • Many user manuals with maintenance guidelines you’ll find online.
  • Contact manufacturers or sellers for best practices in terms of cleaning.


If you’re still in doubt or can’t find expert advice, you can prevent causing too much unnecessary damage to fabrics using these housekeeping tips:

  • Treat a small corner first, before the entire item.
  • Put cleaning solution on a sponge or clean cloth, rather than directly on the item. Then rub the cloth onto the item you want to clean and see if it works without causing damage.


Messes: Clean Up IMMEDIATELY

You’ll exacerbate many problems if you leave the cleaning too long. For example, to prevent stains setting into fabric, wipe and wash as soon as you notice the mess. Even on a hard surface, an easy cleanup turns into a grimy job if dust and other debris starts adhering to a sticky surface. That means more time spent on cleaning later on.


Gentler Options First

For many reasons it’s best to start off using your most gentle cleaning product first:

  • Harsh chemicals may by harmful to the environment, so using natural products first makes your cleaning more ecofriendly.
  • Chemicals for cleaning can also damage surfaces and fabrics over time. By using gentler products, you increase the lifespan of the item. That means less maintenance later on and lower replacement costs, which is good news for your budget.


See how good housekeeping tips benefit various aspects of your housekeeping? Even your pocket!


Cleaning Caddies Work!

Want to save time and energy? Then you need to prevent any unnecessary actions, and there’s nothing as frustrating as realizing you forgot a cloth or cleaning product in the kitchen cupboard.

The solution you’ll find in homes, hotels and establishments around the globe—a cleaning caddy containing all you need for general house cleaning. You don’t even have to buy one. A big enough plastic container works well or even a bag with handles to sling over your shoulder, freeing up your hands.


Renovate with Cleaning in Mind

You usually renovate to make better use of space, add more room or improve aesthetics. But keep your cleaning rituals in mind when you draw up renovation plans. Small adjustments that make it easier to clean can save you time and make you love that space even more. Without such forward thinking you may utilize space less, simply to avoid the cleaning up after.

Some examples:

  • Oddly shaped rooms can be more difficult to sweep or vacuum.
  • Having additional steps where you transition from one room to the next will take more time to clean than a smooth floor.
  • Without doors, cupboards will have more dust settling inside.
  • Compared to painted walls, tiles are easier to keep clean and hygienic in damp areas like bathrooms.


Look After Your Gear

Your home needs cleaning, but so does your cleaning gear. An important cleaning rule is maintaining your equipment. Dirty cloths and damaged vacuums won’t clean properly, so look after it for optimum results.


Share the Responsibility

A hotel or restaurant needs a team of workers to keep spaces clean and hygienic. Think of your home in the same way and organize your team of helpers. Whether it’s your messy flat mates or your children, everyone should do their share.

Parents, kids can start cleaning from a surprisingly young age—check out these chores for 7-year Olds—and to keep them motivated, try adding some fun to cleaning day.


Interesting Housekeeping Tips

Through experience, hotel managers and other hospitality experts have found the best ways to complete chores. And some of them are surprising—and won’t require investing in any costly equipment:

  • For small nooks and crannies, an old toothbrush is still the best tool for cleaning.
  • You vacuum cleaner isn’t only effective for the carpet, but furniture too. It’s the quick solution to removing weeks of dust from under cushions and in between the folds of fabric when you’re doing deep cleaning.
  • Mattress protectors aren’t gimmicks sold by conniving salesmen. They help keep your bed hygienic AND they prolong the mattress’ lifespan. They’re also easier to clean than deep cleaning the entire bed.
  • Some people prefer cleaning one room at a time but also try picking one task—like dusting—and doing it throughout the house. It can be more motivating than doing a small area, only to pick up the duster again later to do another space. This can feel like an endless cycle, which some find tedious.


Best Housekeeping Tips for Households and Housemates

Make these tips your new housekeeping habits and you’ll see you get more done, without sacrificing more time. This means more time with your family, friends or hobbies.

To make sure you stay on top of what needs to be done, download the Enzo app and create your digital to do list. You can share it with everyone in the apartment or in your home, assign chores to others and keep track of their progress while you relax—since you finished your tasks already. You also get less stress and less confrontation, because the app sends out reminders to all.

Housekeeping tips should help you enjoy life, rather than just work. So, what do you need to do to make this a reality?