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Enzo FAQ, a Find answers to all your Frequently Asked Questions about using Enzo more effectively.

Account Setup

Creating a flat is very easy. Simply download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore and Enzo will guide you through the creation process. You will set up the flat, the rooms, the roommates as well as any expenses or tasks you have ongoing.

Make sure that your roommate is entering the correct code for joining your flat. If you’re still having issues, contact our team by going to the Settings screen and send us an email.

If your roommate is leaving the flat you can always remove him. Navigate to the Flat screen by tapping on the upper right hand House symbol and select the Roommates option. Add or remove any roommates as needed.

Make sure that you are connected to your flat. If you are unable to see events and tasks, get in touch with us through the Settings screen by sending us feedback, and we’ll provide a solution.

Calendar, Notifications & Reminder

Make sure that the task or event you’re looking to get notifications for, has you added to it in the app. If you are added along with other roommates, and you are the only one not getting notifications, contact us through the Settings screen by sending us feedback.

Everytime you set up a task, event or expense, you will be able to set up a notification associated with it. Enzo will notify all of the selected roommates whenever you decide.

If you’re using the free version of Enzo, you will be able to set up 4 events and 4 recurring tasks every month. Unlock the premium version for unlimited tasks and events.

Setting up tasks and events is very simple. Navigate to the calendar screen and select the day when you want the task or even added. You will be prompted to provide information such as: Task or Event Name, Recurrence and Notification time.

Flat Setup

Adding and deleting roommates is easy. Whenever you need to remove an old roommate or add a new one, simply navigate to flat screen through the upper right hand corner house icon, select the option “Roommates”. Remove existing roommates by tapping their names or add new ones using the plus (+)  sign.

Yes, it’s possible to set up a rotation for a specific task. When you are setting it up, you will automatically be able to select the roommates the task will rotate between. Unless you only assign the task to one specific roommate, the task will alternate between all the roommates added to it.

You can enter relevant details such as Wifi Name and Password, a full address or some basic house rules in the Flat Notes section of the app. To get there, navigate to the Flat Setup using the upper right hand corner House symbol and select the “Flat Notes” option.

To add rooms to your flat simply navigate to your Flat Setup screen by tapping on the upper right hand corner House symbol and then select the “Rooms” options. Once there, you can use the plus (+) sign to add another room or select existing rooms to edit the number of people sharing a room.


Not yet, but this is something we’re going to work on. If you think this is a useful feature you would like to see on our app please email us at olivier@oworld.co

Yes, whenever you add any expense, you have the option to add a scanned or photographed copy of the receipt for all your roommates to see.

Creating new expenses is very simple. Simply navigate to the Expense screen by using the bottom navigation menu and tap on the Plus (+) sign. This will allow you to enter the details for a new expense.

Yes, you can always change the details of existing expenses. Whether you need to add or remove roommates or simply change the split of an expense, you can do so by navigating to the Expenses screen and selecting the expense you want to modify.


You can schedule tasks to have the following recurrence:

  • Daily
  • Every week
  • Every other week
  • Monthly on a specific date (ie 3rd of the month)
  • Monthly on a specific day (every second Friday of the month)

Inviting roommates is really easy with Enzo. Simply navigate to the Flat Setup screen by tapping on the upper right hand House symbol and select the “Invite a flatmate” option. This will allow you to send an invite to one of your contacts. Alternatively, you can share the code Enzo provides with your roommates, and ask them to enter it when they install the app.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports we’re all ears! To get in touch with us, navigate to the settings menu and select the option “Send us feedback”. This will open your choice email app with all of our details.

Yes! If you want yourself or your roommates to receive multiple notifications about a particular task, simply select multiple reminders when setting up the task itself.

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