Home Maintenance – What Should be on a Daily to Do List?

daily to do list

Jotting down a few notes about your day’s tasks is a good start. But without a proper system to list and track your daily to do list, how many of those home—or work—chores may get forgotten? Use our tips on what details should be on a dynamic daily to do list and turn your notes […]

How to Rent a House – A Quick Guide to Ensure Success and Prevent Problems

rent a house

Renting out your house can be a lucrative business opportunity. But you must know how to rent a house like a pro, or you’ll run into unnecessary dilemmas. Our helpful guide will make it easy and ensure you make the profit you’re hoping for. And if you’re the person renting from others, we have tips […]

Top 10 Home Management Tips for Roommates

home management

Living with flatmates has the potential to be really fun and exciting, but also disastrous. So many personalities in one space can cause drama and even conflict. But proper home management can prevent many unnecessary challenges. Use our tips to help your group of roommates enjoy your living arrangements more. Not everyone can afford to […]

Best Solutions for Tracking Monthly Expenses

monthly expense tracker Best Solutions for Tracking Monthly Expenses

Where did all your money go? And what do you owe your roomie? What does your flatmate owe you? Use our helpful tips on tracking monthly expenses to make smarter financial decisions, manage joint expenses, pay your debts and see how easy it is to live budget smart. Money isn’t everything, but it sure does […]

How to Split Rent with Roommates – A Complete Guide

split rent with roommates

What can you do to avoid unnecessary confrontations in the flat? The topic of how to split rent with roommates can result in heated conversations, especially as the economy puts many people’s budgets under pressure. So, what’s fair? Are there ways to divide expenses better, to suit everyone? Let’s help you figure this out. You […]

Home Management: Pick the Best App to Split Bills from our Top 5 List

best app to split bills

Are you really using technology to the full extent that it can simplify your life? There’s an app for almost anything these days and don’t underestimate how helpful it can be using the best app to split bills. From eating out without breaking your budget to managing finances with your roommates, these apps are popular […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Better Organize Your Daily Calendar

daily calendar

It’s everywhere. On your phone. On your desk. On the wall. Even on the fridge. The daily calendar that sorts of rules your life, telling you what to do and when. But it can be overwhelming, chaotic and even debilitating if you don’t manage yours correctly. Let’s show you how. It’s a bit ironic. Things […]

Effective Tips for Household Chores Games

household chores games

The word ‘chores’ doesn’t exactly spark excitement, right? But it’s all about perspective! For yourself, or to keep your kids motivated, use Enzo plus our tips on turning tasks into household chores games that make it more attractive – and you’ll probably get it done faster too. The prospect of household chores fills many a […]