Should You Assign Chores for 10 Year Olds? Complete Age-appropriate List Included

chore for 10 year olds

Parenting is difficult and don’t let anyone make your feel guilty for not always getting it right. A common area of concern is how to implement age-appropriate discipline and responsibilities at home. Let’s discuss how to approach topics like chores for 10 year olds to help you make decisions that benefit all involved.  Finding balance […]

Chore by Age Lists and Other Tips to Solve Parents’ Remote Working Challenges

chore by age

Getting through your daily work to do list is challenging on most days. The dynamic gets even more complicated if you’re a remote worker trying to concentrate while family members are going about their days around you. But, there are helpful tips from experts and something as simple as chore by age lists can make […]

DIY Chore Chart Ideas for Families, Kids and Apartment Living

chore chart ideas

With multiple people in a home, it’s understandable that it sometimes feels impossible to keep order. But perhaps you simply need an efficient way to communicate chores. Enzo offers an effective digital solution and with our DIY chore chart ideas you may find a dynamic AND fun way to assign tasks and monitor whether they’re […]

Your 2023 Kids Chore List for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Teenagers

kids chore list

In a society where middle class children are leaning more and more to an attitude of entitlement, teaching them the satisfaction of hard work and reward is crucial to their future work ethic and mental development. Use an age-appropriate kids chore list and benefit both your home maintenance AND their value systems.  If you’re reading […]

The Must-have Cleaning Supplies List – Home and Office Edition

Cleaning Supplies List

So many products on today’s market, each being touted as the best cleaning solution. But to spend your money wisely you need to look past the marketing jargon and buy what your environment really needs to manage hygiene. Our cleaning supplies list summaries will help you plan for both home and office environments. Did you […]

How To Draw Up a Roommate Agreement – Your Complete Guide

roommate agreement

Even among trustworthy roommates, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. A roommate agreement is there to protect—and benefit—all parties, so don’t shy away from creating yours. Enzo makes it easy to share and manage the guidelines you set out. Here’s all you need to know to formulate yours. You may think of how fun it […]

How to Clean Dryer Vent Components Safely – 9 Easy Steps

clean dryer vent

What’s on your yearly spring cleaning and deep cleaning to do list? Many homeowners don’t realize the significance and importance of knowing how to clean dryer vent components. Don’t worry, though. We’ll show you it’s easier than you think. Did you at last buy your dream home, and now you’re starting to realize the time […]

Holiday Activities for Teens – Chores to do Around the House

holiday activities

Time is one of our most precious assets. Do you want to help your teenagers use their time efficiently during the holidays? Our tips will show you how to use chores to do around the house as holiday activities – to the benefit of everyone. And don’t worry, they may even like doing them. Are […]