House Cleaning Checklist – Standard vs Deep Cleaning

House Cleaning Checklist

If you’re in charge of keeping the house in order, we’re here to assist. Are you a parent, landlord or the responsible roommate? Use our house cleaning checklist for organized standard and deep cleaning guidance. Does your house feel clean ENOUGH for you? Managing the cleaning of a house is a diverse task. As a […]

How to Unclog Shower Drain – 5 Methods that Really Work

Unclog Shower Drain

Home maintenance is vital to ensure you don’t incur unnecessary expenses down the line. Even the smallest task can help protect your building’s infrastructure, so learn how to unclog shower drain and bath drains to empower yourself and save money in the process. Even with everyone in the house using the Enzo app and doing […]

How to Make an Effective Chores Calendar That Actually Works

Chores Calendar

Does your chores calendar and list simply not help you keep order in the house? For families or flat mates, use our tips to avoid common mistakes and use a chores calendar to everyone’s benefit—for a cleaner, more comfortable life. Did you know a clean home environment has both physical and mental health benefits for […]

Apartment Living Tips: How to Use a Roommate Chore Chart Generator

Roommate chore chart generator

Guess what! Your home life sharing space with roommates can be so much simpler than you think. With a proper roommate chore chart generator—there’s an app for that!—you can enjoy less fuss, a cleaner living space and happy flat mates. Here’s all you need to know. Who is the organizer between you and your roommates? […]

8 Important Reasons ALL Households MUST Have a Chores List for Adults

Chores List for Adults

So, you only thought kids need some guidance when keeping the house clean? Let’s be honest: adults also don’t like cleaning, but it shouldn’t result in one or two grownups doing all the tidying while the rest do as they please. For families and flat mates, a chores list for adults can be all that […]

Parenting Tips: How to Use Chore Games to Make Cleaning Fun

How to Use Chore Games

It’s all well and good to create a chore chart for the family. But how easily do you keep to it and are those sulky faces worth the effort?  Perhaps you just need some creativity, such as using our tips on chore games to get more done around the house—even with a smile. Few children […]

Roommate Compatibility Quiz – Ask These Vital Questions Before Moving in Together

Roommate Compatibility Quiz

The compatibility between two people determines how easy it is to share the same space. That’s vital when you pick roommates or want to improve the current atmosphere at home. Use this roommate compatibility quiz to vet potential roommates or start a conversation about improving living arrangements and making compromises that benefit everyone. Does it […]

Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist—How to Manage Your Household Much Easier

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Good communication is essential when sharing your house or apartment with others. When you stipulate details about what you expect from others regarding cleaning the apartment, you can avoid unnecessary conflict. Use an apartment cleaning checklist to get the conversation started. Cleaning should be second nature to everyone, but guess what? There may be some […]

How to Be a Good Roommate – Important Tips for All Types of Living Arrangements

how to be a good roommate

Knowing how to be a good roommate has multiple benefits—for you and others sharing your space with you. Prevent unnecessary conflict and enjoy your space so much more! Here we’ll discuss tips relevant to any living arrangement. Moving into the first place you can call your ‘own’ instead of under your parents’ roof? A first […]