How Much Rent Can I Afford?

how much rent can I afford

One day you’ll have your dream home at the beach. That’s probably your retirement plan. For now, you just want a nice apartment. But ‘how much rent can I afford?’ is a common question. We answer your questions and show you how Enzo can help you to possibly afford a better place than you thought. […]

Age Appropriate Chores for All Age Groups – The Complete Guide With Tips

age appropriate chores

One family – different ages – different personalities. And as a parent you must find ways to have synergy and keep order. Knowing how to best make use of each person’s abilities is a start. Use our list of age appropriate chores to best organize tasks at home. Knowledge is power! Even in running your […]

Family Chore Chart for Teens – Why Every Parent Needs One

family chore chart

What’s your greatest need currently with the raising of kids, toddlers or teens? For many parents, it’s simply getting to everything on the to do list. So, perhaps you’re asking your teens to help out around the house? Do this with a proper system like a family chore chart and you’ll have more benefits than […]

6 Chores List Ideas for First Time Parents

chores list ideas

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding adventures in life. But it also comes with immense challenges, one of which is managing the household. To keep up with tasks, use our tips on chores list ideas that work well for parents with newborns. One look into your baby’s eyes will make all the […]

Planner App for iPhone and 4 Ways Your iPhone can Improve Life at Home

planner app for iphone

For families and roommates, digital devices like the iPhone carry multiple benefits. It’s worth learning more about their capabilities and specific products like using a planner app for iPhone to manage your household. Let’s help you discover more reasons to love your Apple device. Whether we love it or hate it, technology is here to […]

The Best House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

best house cleaning schedule

Is ‘multitasking’ an understatement when you describe your life as a working mom? We can help you get more control of home, work and family life. Getting the best house cleaning schedule in place that’s relevant to your family’s needs, solves more problems than you think. Let’s show you how. Times have changed and so […]

13 Housekeeping Tips from Hospitality Industry Experts

housekeeping tips

Want housekeeping tips from the pros? They know how to get the maximum number of tasks done in the least amount of time. Imagine having more time for what you really like doing and spending less time on pesky chores. Our housekeeping tips guide shows how this can be anyone’s new reality. House chores getting […]

Family Life: Age-Appropriate Chores for 7 Year Olds

chores for 7 year olds

You’ve cleaned the house 1000 times this week! At least…it feels that way. And then your children’s tiny hands and feet manage to turn order into chaos again! And YOU have to clean and tidy…AGAIN. So, why not use appropriate chores for 7 year Olds so they can help lighten the load? As a parent […]

Living Your Best Life – How to Organize Tasks to Get More Done

how to organize tasks

Not sure how to organize tasks in a way that streamlines your workflow, lets you get done more each day AND helps you stress less? Our helpful guide lists the most effective techniques, tried and tested by many. How many minutes do you waste each day, staring into space or simply feeling overwhelmed with all […]