The Benefits of Establishing Clear Communication Channels in a Roommate Agreement

roommate agreement

A roommate agreement is vital to streamline the dynamics of living with someone else. Use it to ensure clear communication during your living together, so it paves the way for a successful and happy living arrangement that mirrors the excitement you both had when you first moved in together.  A while back, Enzo wrote a […]

9 Helpful Apartment Decorating Ideas & Tips When Working on a Budget

apartment decorating ideas

Your home, even if it’s just an apartment, should have elements that make it inviting—the ultimate welcoming haven to return to each day. However, not everyone can afford an interior designer! Use our apartment decorating ideas to DIY and do it on a budget.   Let’s help you step inside the mind of a professional […]

Your Simplified Apartment Moving Checklist

apartment moving checklist

Moving? Stressed? It’s normal! Whether from house to house or to another apartment, moving is a huge life event. Thankfully, with our apartment moving checklist and Enzo, your next move will be MUCH easier.  Let’s take the anxiety out of relocating from one apartment to the next by providing you with an easy-to-follow apartment moving […]

How to Declutter Your Home in Just 2 Days!

how to declutter your home

Are you continuing to live in the clutter because bringing order is just too difficult? Overwhelming? No more! Our helpful guide on how to declutter your home really quickly—and easily—will return your home to the haven you want it to be. Pull open a drawer or a cupboard door in most homes and you’re bound […]

Home Gym Essentials: 4 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Workout Area

home gym essentials

With exercise being vital to a healthy lifestyle, many tenants and homeowners create their own gyms at home. But what are the home gym essentials that will ensure you reach fitness goals? How do you create a dynamic exercise space?  A home gym is a great investment for anyone, whether you live alone or with […]

6 Vital Household Tips and Cleaning Hacks for Busy Families

household tips

The average family these days looks much different than a few decades ago. With two incomes becoming a necessity to survive in today’s economy, parents are busy and kids have homework, sports, hobbies and more. Where’s time for home maintenance? That’s where our household tips come in.  The goal in your home should be to […]

10 Must have Tips for Laundry Room Organization to Make Life MUCH Easier

laundry room organization

It’s the one door in the house you probably keep closed, to live in denial about how much work is waiting for you. The door to the laundry room. If you’re fed up with how high the laundry pile has grown, let’s help you fix the problem. A few simple laundry room organization techniques and […]

Your Complete New Home Checklist – Let’s Make Moving Simpler

new home checklist

Anyone who has moved homes knows why it’s rated as one of the most stressful life experiences people go through. Use our guideline to make it simpler and more organised, so you’ll stress less and enjoy your home from the get-go. The Enzo app’s features also help you stay on top of it all. Is […]