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Enzo is the best roommate chore app for home management & Household Chores! Add your roommates, set up tasks, events and expenses and manage it all in one convenient and easy to use app. Enzo can make living together a breeze and simplify daily chores. Give it a try & Transform your Life.

Enzo Roommate Chore App

Why use Enzo

# 1 Roommate Chore App! Whether you’re using it with your roommates or your family, the app’s intuitive interface helps you organize everything from taking out the trash to paying the bills.

Create Chores​

Easily create and assign chores to make sure the dishes are done and the trash is taken out!​

Create Events

Whether it’s family movie night or a party with your roommates - put it on the calendar!

Create Expenses

Make sure everyone pays their fare share. Use Enzo to split the bills!

Add Roommates

Add or remove roommates from the flat / house easily. Stay on top of chores and tasks!

Easy to Use

A simple interface that everyone will understand. Enzo doesn’t overcomplicate things. We make life easier!

Download for Free!

Enzo is available for download for free. Get it now and start enjoying domestic bliss!

Our Story

Enzo is a one man show with ambitious goals. Created with care to make home organization easier for families and roommates from all over the world, Enzo combines intuitive design with useful functionality.

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Our Vision

Enzo aims to become the premier roommate chore app. Our community is growing every day and we are working tirelessly to integrate every useful feature and helpful suggestion from our users. We want to offer a complete home management and organization solution that makes cohabitation a breeze.

The Man Behind The Mission: Olivier Bernal

Olivier is 36 years old and lives in France. He has a Masters in Computer Science and a passion for innovation. With an impressive resume and a large collection of launched apps, Olivier brings all his technical experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm to making Enzo the best home management & chores planner app around!

Enzo at a Glance

Enzo is the tool you need to make everything from household chores planner to paying monthly expenses a breeze! Set up your own flat or home in only a few minutes; it’s that simple!

Create Your Flat

Download the app for free and get started by creating your flat!

Add Roommates

Add and invite your roommates to Enzo. Keep everyone in the loop!

Add Expenses

Make sure everyone pays their fare share! Create and divide expenses.

Set Up The Calendar

Add tasks and events to start managing your home today!

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Trusted By Thousands of Roommates

Wanna know why Enzo is #1 Roommate Chore App around? Join thousands of satisfied roommates who has already benefitted from everything Enzo has to offer every day!


I’ve tried quite a few of these apps and usually they’re overpriced or over complicated so you end up not using them. This one is different. We’ve been using it for 3 months and still going strong. The best app is the one you use and Enzo makes that easy.

Happy clients of Enzo
I’m a neat freak and was looking for an app that can help set up a good cleaning schedule with my flatmates. With Enzo we found that and so much more. It truly made co-habitating easier. Definitely sticking with it.
Happy clients of Enzo 1

Very happy with Enzo! It makes organizing a household simple and straightforward and it eliminates awkwardness free. Setting an app reminder is much easier than knocking on a door when bills are due.

Happy clients of Enzo 2