Home Management: Pick the Best App to Split Bills from our Top 5 List

best app to split bills

Are you really using technology to the full extent that it can simplify your life? There’s an app for almost anything these days and don’t underestimate how helpful it can be using the best app to split bills. From eating out without breaking your budget to managing finances with your roommates, these apps are popular for a reason.

When you add up all the seconds or minutes you lose to menial tasks during the week—how much time are you actually wasting? So unnecessary! Because there are such better ways to complete certain tasks at work, around the house and especially when it comes to working with your finances. And that’s why a quick look to see what’s the best app to split bills is time well spent!

We did the hard work for you and researched the apps. But you may be wondering why you should be making this a priority. Let’s discuss it in full, so you can see why you should have downloaded Enzo to your Android or iPhone device long ago already.

Why Use Apps to Split Bills?

Getting independence and making your home a comfortable escape from a stressful life is all a part of ‘adulting’. However, when it comes to sharing your living space with roommates or a spouse then house management, in terms of bills, cleaning and chores, will always have its challenges.

Luckily, apps can make your life more convenient, by completing tasks so you don’t have to do them manually anymore. And let’s face it, who likes being the one who needs to work out how much each person owes for that night’s supper or this month’s home maintenance?

Many of our users rate Enzo as the best app to split bills, thanks to its user friendliness and wide range of applications. Perhaps it’s what you need as well?

Here’s what you have to gain from these handy software products.

Easily Track Different Expenses

Dividing your house costs and expenses can be a real nuisance and even cause unwanted, unnecessary quarrels at home. Nobody wants that in the place that should be a safe haven after a hard day at work? But without a proper system, bills and budgets are bound to seem chaotic.

Fortunately, bill-splitting apps help to simplify the process by tracking expenses on your behalf. You can use different categories to easily make sense of it all, such as:

  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Bond payments
  • House maintenance
  • Rent

With the app providing summaries after you enter some data, all that’s left to do is decide who pays which expense.

Advanced apps can also help keep track of recurring payments and routine expenses. This means less effort and by helping you plan, you’ll manage your money better than before.

Budget Better

Hand-in-hand with managing your money and expenses is keeping to your budget. And some bill splitting apps have budgeting features as well.

You may find it challenging to adhere to a budget when physical or online stores show you all the gadgets you wish you can own. But when apps keep you up to date about what you owe and what’s available in your bank account, you’re less likely to overspend.

A bill splitting app can also remind you of what’s due, helping you pay on time so you don’t create more debt. Whether you owe a friend money for yesterday’s lunch or the bank a payment on a loan, debt is never a good thing! And it puts next month’s budget under pressure, so an app can even help prevent unnecessary stress!

Keeps Everyone in the Loop

Let the app do the work you hate!

There is no need to continuously remind your roommates or family members of making certain payments, since these apps are designed to sync data between different users’ devices. Everyone in the household—or friend group or team of colleagues—will have access to the same information.

This centralized app will notify each person in the group to make their respective payments by the set dates. It acts like an automated reminder, which obviously prevents many money-related conflicts!

Everyone gets their money on time, so you can keep on enjoying home life and plan the next get together.

But which app should you get?

How to Pick the Best App to Split Bills for YOU

When it comes to software and apps, the following features will tell you if it’s worth trying out:

  • Look at reviews from other users for honest feedback
  • Make sure it’s user friendly with intuitive workflows
  • It must work on different devices, including iPhone and Android so all your tenants, friends or family members can gain access
  • Look for customer support contact details so you can ask questions when necessary
  • Research the features and ensure it solves your specific needs

We’re sure you’ll find the best app to split bills on our top 5 list below.

Best App to Split Bills—5 Top Products in 2022

Enzo Chore Tracker App

One of the attractions of Enzo is the range of features it has, compared to some other bill splitting apps. Not only is it the best app to split bills with friends, family or flatmates but you can also manage chores from this platform. This means one app solves multiple challenges that you may face when living with others—whether family members or flatmates.

This app has a 4.5-star rating and is both Android and iPhone friendly. You can create expenses on the app and Enzo will help split it fairly among all relevant parties. If you’re looking for the best app to split bills with house mates, this is it.

You’ll find the layout very user friendly and you can download it for free to get started.

Other features that help you manage life with family or roommates include:

  • Sharing house rules
  • Easily adding or removing a participant when someone moves in or out
  • Viewing a calendar with all events and chores, helping you keep order in the home


Tricount is designed with features relevant to roommates, but also work for couples or people traveling together. Anyone invited can add information about expenses and who paid for it, and you’ll be notified when others add data.

At any time you can view your balances, such as what people owe you or what you owe others. The app also has payment methods to use so you can quickly settle an account before you forget.

Some find the interface more cluttered than on other apps.

Banana Split

Banana Split carries a 4.5-star rating and an impressive fact is that the app gets regular updates. An app that receives consistent maintenance and fixes is usually much more user friendly and has fewer glitches than others.

This one is specifically designed to help you manage expenses each time a group of people share experiences and need to share costs as well. But each event can have a different set of participants, so it’s really versatile.

The bill splitting stays fair thanks to allocating each individual expense’s participants and who paid. So, if someone didn’t join for lunch during a weekend getaway, there won’t be fights about his bill come Monday morning.

Based upon all the data, the app will tell everyone who needs to make payments to who. You can send the summaries straight to someone’s email inbox and there are even 120+ currencies to pick from.

Note that it’s a paid service and it will auto renew unless you cancel in time.


Splitwise also works as a bill splitting app for travel or at home or just when out with friends. Although it’s a free service, to access features like scanning receipts, you need to purchase the Pro version. That’s also the only way you can avoid seeing ads.

Settle Up

Settle Up is another popular bill splitting app. You can access it via Google Play, the App store or the Microsoft store. It’s a simple app to record and split bills and you can also use the brand’s web app on your PC.

Splitting Bills—Get the App for that!

Ultimately, the best app to split bills is supposed to make your life easier, more convenient and save you from doing mathematical equations and reminding everyone to pay up. It’s actually an excellent tool to improve home life dynamics, helping everyone to work together as a team. One person won’t be stuck with all the expenses or doing the admin—because an app helps you manage it all!

For families and flatmates, Enzo often ends up being the best app to split bills. If you’re wondering how it can help your unique home setup, talk to our team.