10 Must have Tips for Laundry Room Organization to Make Life MUCH Easier

laundry room organization

It’s the one door in the house you probably keep closed, to live in denial about how much work is waiting for you. The door to the laundry room.

If you’re fed up with how high the laundry pile has grown, let’s help you fix the problem. A few simple laundry room organization techniques and tech like Enzo CAN make a huge difference in your week.  

No household will ever be without dirty laundry and trying to squeeze washing and ironing into your weekly schedule can be overwhelming. After all, very few people actually like these tasks. But do take some time to plan your laundry room and use laundry room organization tactics and it can be much more bearable—you may even start liking that space in the house. 


Small Changes that Make Laundry Rooms Much More Efficient

Similar to a factory or office space, organizing your laundry room can streamline the workflow, which goes a long way towards getting the job done faster. 

Here are expert tips that really work to get items off your home maintenance to do list faster and easier. 


Get the Right Sized Laundry Hamper

Start off by investing in a laundry hamper that suits the room. A large, bulky hamper will clutter up the area and you’ll waste time pushing it out the way whenever you want to reach the washing machine, tap or a cupboard. Shop around and pick one that fits between cupboards or underneath a shelf—out of your way. 


Implement a Laundry Sorting System

Set up a laundry system that helps you sort laundry items. If your hamper has multiple bags, or if you use multiple baskets, family members can put whites in one and colored items in another, saving you a LOAD of time sorting out laundry on wash day. 

Remember to inform roommates or family members about your system, so red items don’t accidentally get washed with your whites, turning everything pink!

Enzo tip: this is where technology, such as a chore tracker app like Enzo, comes in handy. You can share information with everyone instantly, so everyone is up to date on the house rules. 


Print Out & Frame Your Washing Chart

A major point of frustration can be other housemates or family members who don’t follow your laundry rules. As mentioned, you can share guidelines via an app but give them no excuse to make mistakes and ruin expensive clothing: print out guidelines for washing different types of fabric and put it up on the wall. 

Tip: take some time designing a poster that suits the room’s theme. If you frame this washing chart and hang it, it will be part of the décor, making the room more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. 


Dedicated Folding Station

Often, it’s the lack of appropriate tools or space that makes a task more frustrating and time consuming than it should be. For example, trying to fold clothes neatly on a lumpy couch is much more challenging than using the dining room table. But what if the table is set for dinner or the kids are doing their homework? 

Solution? Create a large enough folding station in your laundry room where you can quickly fold and pile up laundry to be taken to each room. 

Tip: remember to pick a height you find comfortable working at so you’re less fatigued after working through a batch of laundry.  


Invest in Foldable Equipment

Of course, not all laundry rooms are big enough to allow for multiple open surfaces. This is where foldable equipment will come in handy, as well as items that fold back into the wall. Simply pull it in place whenever you need it. 

This approach has many practical applications:

  • A foldable laundry rack you can position anywhere, inside the laundry room or outside in the sun. 
  • Ironing board that folds out of a cupboard.
  • Shelf to fold laundry on that can fold upwards onto the wall and out of your way when not in use. 


Space Saving Storage Methods

No matter the size of your laundry room, you need to prevent a cluttered feel. Clutter makes people less productive and it could make you feel even more negative about doing the laundry than you already are. 

One way to avoid clutter is to upgrade your storage methods. The goal is to use as little floor and counter space as possible and get items out of view. For example, if you store towels in the laundry room, roll them up rather than folding them. For equipment like mops, hang them up—even inside a cupboard—rather than just putting them against the wall in a corner. 

Tip: a peg board can come in very handy!


Storage for Lost Socks, Soap and More

Adding practical storage methods during your laundry room organization renovations will also make the space much more user-friendly. Consider everything you need storage for and find functional but also aesthetically pleasing containers for them:

  • Dedicated basket for socks without partners.
  • A container for dryer lint, so there’s no need to walk to the dustbin each time you clean the dryer
  • Shelf or basket with detergents and cleaning supplies. House members will know where to return items, so you don’t have to waste time looking for anything. 


Raise Machines Off the Floor

Still on the topic of making the space less cluttered and more functional, is it possible to raise your washing machine and dryer off the floor? You can either build a cabinet or add a small platform as part of building renovations. 

This approach saves time since it’s easier and therefore faster to load laundry or take it out. This is especially good news for anyone with a bad back. 

Also, you’re creating the illusion of having less items on the floor, which will make the room seem bigger and less cluttered. 


Install a Drip-dry Rail

A room with the right features can make laundry day more efficient, no matter the weather! If you’re exasperated at rain ruining your laundry schedule, add a drip-dry rail. Use the space underneath a high shelf or fix it to the wall, making sure there’s enough vertical space for a standard shirt or pair of pants. 


Laundry Focused Gadgets

It can also pay off to browse online and find innovative laundry-related gadgets. For example, hangers with small clips are ideal for hanging small items in a space-saving way. You’ll also find everything from towel organizers (space saving and aesthetically pleasing) to ironing blankets. With the latter you can turn almost any flat surface into an ironing board—great for small spaces, or if you want to watch TV while doing some laundry. 


Aesthetics Matter Too!

Above we’ve mentioned aesthetics multiple times. Because it matters! 

If you make your laundry room more inviting, it will be less of a chore going in there. In big and small ways, while doing your laundry room organization, you can enhance the look of the space:

  • Choose the right theme, such as using wood which makes a space seem warm and inviting. 
  • Find cute or stylish containers that will make you smile when you use them. For example, trendy labels on lint boxes or detergent containers may be enough to brighten your mood. 
  • If you appreciate luxury and stylish elements, pick glass for detergent containers and upgrade the room instantly. 
  • Find a color that works for YOU. Will you appreciate blue walls that will let a hot laundry room seem cooler? Or does your cold and damp space need some sunny yellow? 


Laundry Room Organization Tips for Small Spaces

Doing laundry room organization of a small space deserves a special mention, since you’ll need unique solutions to really optimize the space. Some don’t cost a thing and others are worth the expense!

  • Find creative ways to use walls instead of the floor, such as hanging shelves or adding hooks to hang your mop or ironing board. 
  • Use the door as a storage solution—for soap or other loose items—by adding a storage basket that hooks over the top of the door. 
  • Implement mobile laundry stations, such as laundry baskets on wheels. Push them out the way if needed, or wheel it to the lounge to fold laundry in front of the TV rather than in the cramped laundry room. 
  • Use more vertical space, such as putting up high floating shelves. Also get a small ladder so you can easily reach up there. 
  • Prevent surfaces from seeming cluttered by placing items like soap containers on a tray. 
  • Stack machines on top of each other, rather than next to each other. 
  • Attach storage solutions to the sides of washing machines and dryers. Today’s market has ones that will attach with magnets, ideal for machines with metal exteriors. 


Technology and Laundry—What’s the Connection?

There’s a lot of physical changes to optimize laundry room organization and have more joy using that room. But don’t forget to combine these techniques with technology, whether in the form of a new, more efficient, washing machine, or a chore tracker app like Enzo. From sharing washroom rules to making sure your teenager did the laundry this morning, the app helps you keep track of it all. 

Browse all Enzo’s functions so you can find other ways it can improve your household’s day-to-day activities.